Firefox 88 is available and further strengthens the protection of user privacy

The Mozilla Foundation has just unveiled Firefox 88, the last update before the arrival of Proton, the new browser interface that will be deployed with Firefox 89. In this update, the developers have worked on the support of JavaScript in the forms. Documents that use Javascript for data validation or other functions are now fully recognized by the browser. Another improvement, on Linux, users can now zoom in as they wish in the pages, in a fluid way, using “pinch-to-zoom”.

But the main novelty of Firefox 88 concerns a new tool to protect against data leaks on the Web. The property made available to websites for storing data is now isolated to prevent trackers from accessing and tracking web users between sites.

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Also to discover in video:

Also new, the screen capture module integrated into the browser is now easier to access. In Firefox 88, this tool which was previously accessible from the address bar can now be launched with a simple right click, the option having been added to the context menu. In addition, it is now possible to add a dedicated button directly to the browser toolbar by going from the main menu to Additional tools then the Customize toolbar section.

Finally, Firefox 88 begins to end support for the FTP protocol. It was disabled in this grind and will definitely be saying goodbye in an upcoming update. The end of the FTP support was decided to reduce the risk of attack, the protocol is not encrypted.

Source: Mozilla


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