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FIR will be made against my fake signer: Sushil Kumar

Sabi Hussain, New Delhi
Sports federations (NSFs) can be very bad at times. They are ready to do anything to preserve their power. But when a star accused of cheating Olympians and one of the country’s biggest players. And if they say that their fake signatures have been cheated, then it is clear that something very bad is going on in the NSF.

The Times of India reported on 30 November how the Secretary-General of the School Games Federation of India had allegedly forged a two-time Olympic medalist. Sushil is the President of this Federation since July 2016. It is alleged that the SGFI rules were changed without the knowledge of Sushil through fake signature. On Thursday, Sushil Kumar openly expressed his opinion about the allegations of forgery. He demanded strict legal action against Secretary General Rajesh Mishra and everyone involved in the case.

Sushil said, ‘On November 12, I received a letter from the Sports Ministry seeking my opinion on the complaint made by the officials of SGFI against the alleged economic irregularities made by Mishra. Looking at these documents, I got my eye on the papers of changes in the laws of SGFI. These were my signatures. I was surprised to see that Mishra had changed the laws as per his convenience by signing my counterfeit. Their motive behind this is to remove me from the post of SGFI President and take all the power in my hand. This is a serious matter and I am going to take legal action against Mishra. I will file an FIR against him which includes financial regularities of crores of rupees in the Federation.

Mishra signed my papers on the change of rules in which he would remain CEO and he would not be removed from his post for the next 10 years without a two-thirds majority. After the change in these rules, Sushil will become a powerless president.

Sushil has written to Mishra seeking clarification on the matter, but no response has come from the Secretary General.


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