Ferrari sets first targets for new 2021 engine

For several months now, the Maranello team has been speaking highly of a new engine for 2021, a new power unit that they hope will serve as a great boost for all Ferrari-powered single-seaters, although Mattia Binotto has confirmed that they will not be able to keep up. of PU de Mercedes overnight.

Ferrari already sets targets

Due to the poor results achieved with the SF1000 and after the prohibition it received from the FIA ​​on its 2019 engine, Scuderia Ferrari has not been able to face the current season in the best possible way, focusing squarely on building a new engine looking forward to the next seasons.

To begin with, Mattia Binotto acknowledged that a new engine was necessary: “It is no secret that we currently do not have the best power unit, but next year we will have a completely new one. the dynamometer has forced us to review our test program and be more creative, for now, I am happy with the results obtained. “
Continuing with the statements collected by formula, Mattia Binotto, director of Scuderia Ferrari, acknowledges that reaching the engine of the German team would be a practically unattainable goal in 2021: ” To reach the level of Mercedes as soon as next season may be asking too much because it would mean gaining between 40 and 50 horsepower “.
Finally, Mattia Binotto acknowledged that standing alongside Renault and Honda could be a more realistic goal: “However, being on a par with Renault and Honda would in itself be an important step forward: we must bear in mind that for everyone In the year 2021 only one engine specification will be allowed, except for minor details. There is no margin for error.

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