Fear of Trump supporters, Biden will be under the protection of Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq 5 times more soldiers


  • America’s newly elected President Joe Biden is going to take oath on Wednesday
  • Armed people fear violence before swearing-in ceremony
  • Security of the US capital has been tightened in view of the danger

America’s newly elected President Joe Biden and newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris are scheduled to be sworn in on Wednesday. Before the swearing-in ceremony, the security of the US capital has been tightened at the end of the week in view of several reports on the threat of violence and other threats from armed men. Washington DC has 25,000 security personnel deployed, which is 5 times the total US troops deployed in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

For the past few days, US security agencies have been receiving information that violence may occur before the swearing-in ceremony. Thousands of police personnel and personnel of security agencies as well as more than 25,000 personnel of the National Guard have been deployed here. The large areas around the US Parliament House Capitol, Pennsylvania Avenue and the White House have been closed to the general public.

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Washington DC transformed into impregnable fortress
8 feet high barricades have been installed at these places. The entire city is on high alert. Washington DC has been transformed into an impregnable fortress. At the same time, the Parliament buildings of the states have also been put on high alert. Security officials are fully on alert to prevent a repeat of the mob attack on the US Parliament House on 6 January.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bauzer told an interview to a news channel, “The police department is working closely with federal law enforcement partners and the US military. Willing to deal with any attack situation. The FBI, in its internal bulletin, has feared violence in Washington DC and parliament buildings in all 50 states.



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