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Farmer sitting on Tiki border for 5 days, one died of heart attack

Vineet Narula, Jhajjar
3 For the last 5 days, the farmers are going on a strike on the teakery border adjoining Jhajjar, demanding the repeal of the agricultural laws. The number of farmers on the Tikri border between Bahadurgarh and Delhi is increasing continuously. There are lines of tractor trolleys on both sides of the road about 12 kilometers away. The agitators are spending cold nights on the roadside. At the same time, they are cooking food by decorating the kitchen there.

On the fifth day, the farmer broke his death, the death toll was 3
The third farmer has died on the fifth day of the agitation. The farmer died in an accident that broke the first police blockade. Then a tractor mistry died due to scorching fire in a car on the bypass near Bahadurgarh Najafgarh road and another farmer Gajjan Singh died of a heart attack last night.

Ardas of Guruparva sitting on the road
Guru Parv, the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, was also celebrated by the farmers in the middle of the road. Sukhmani Sahib was also recited on the roadside. Prasad was also distributed. The peasants put Ardas to the government to be wise and accept their demand.

Rajya Sabha MP reached the movement, made a distance from the stage

The Committee of Farmers has also announced not to give speech to any politician from its platform. Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha MP of Aam Aadmi Party Sushil Gupta also reached among the farmers. However, he kept away from the farmers’ platform on the border. Reaching near Sector 9 Mor distributed the masks and biscuits to the farmers. Sushil Gupta said that the Delhi government is welcoming the farmers in Delhi, but the central government is adamant. He has appealed to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister to leave the election tour and talk to the farmers.

Women commanding the kitchen, shouting slogans

Women have also come with the farmers. Many women are engaged in the work of cooking. Between breakfast and lunch in the morning, these women are also taking out time for shouting slogans against the government right in front of the Delhi Police at the Tiki border. The women say that they formed the government by voting with great expectations, but the government lost them.

Regional farmers coming forward to help farmers
Bahadurgarh and nearby villages have also opened their hearts to the farmers who have come in thousands of tractor trolleys from different villages of Punjab and Haryana. Throughout the day, langars are being erected for roadside agitation farmers. Jayveer Kundu from Titoli village, Rohtak, along with his colleagues brought 3 quintals of milk, 3 quintals of lassi and 10 kattas of flour. He said that the government should meet the demand of farmers. He said that the farmers of Haryana and Punjab are united.

The 11-member committee is conducting the movement
The peasant movement has now reached its full glory. Farmers too are not ready to bow down. For this purpose, the committee of 11 members has been formed, which does not deviate from its cause, which is conducting the movement on the Tiki border. Volunteers have also been prepared, which will ensure that anti-social elements do not enter the movement.


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