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Faridabad: ‘One Yard, Mask Is Necessary’ To Be Used In Front Of Auto

Khemraj Verma, Faridabad
Keeping in mind the increasing number of Corona patients in the city, now a massive awareness campaign will be organized by the Labor Department. This will include labor department officials, employees, labor organizations, corporate executives and auto rickshaw drivers.

Awareness campaign will be conducted as per instructions of Faridabad Labor Department. Officials believe that auto-rickshaws in the industrial city of Faridabad travel mostly to employees and working class people working in companies. Those who first need to be made aware. For this, on the instructions of the Labor Department, the auto driver union will put a sticker in front of the city auto-rickshaw. ‘One yard, mask is necessary’ will be written on the sticker. Along with this, entry and mask with masks in companies will be tested with thermal screening machine.

Faridabad DLC Ajay Pal Doody said that first of all, awareness campaign will be conducted in collaboration with labor organization and companies to prevent the rising corona patients. He has been given this responsibility after meeting with some big company officials and officials of the labor organization. Sanitizer, mask and sticker will be arranged by the company officers themselves.

At the same time, on the instruction of DLC, Ravindra Jain, DGM of Shahi Exports Company, Sector-28, AGM Amarjeet Saxena took the responsibility of making 2000 stickers and giving them to the officials of the auto-rickshaw union. State head of Hind Mazdoor Kisan Panchayat, Prabhunath Singh, says that 2000 stickers have been received from Shahi Exports Company. From Saturday, the work of getting stickers on auto-rickshaws from Badarpur border and other places will be started. Along with this, many labor organization officials including INTUC, CITU, AITUC and Inquilabi workers will cooperate.


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