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Faridabad News: Take special care to protect HIV infected for Corona rescue

Sunil Gaur, Faridabad
According to the government report, about 23.49 lakh people are suffering from HIV-AIDS across the country. Faridabad also has a significant number of patients. During the Corona period, AIDS patients need to take special precautions. AIDS patients may be affected more by corona infection than patients with other diseases and may take longer to recover. HIV-infected individuals have low immunity, so their condition may be more serious. Therefore they need to take special precautions. According to doctors, it is necessary to keep patients taking their medicines on time, so that they can help in fighting corona infection.

At the same time, diseases like TB are also increasing due to HIV infection. This year, 31 such patients have been identified in BK Hospital, who have also been diagnosed with TB after HIV. The number of patients being treated in health centers and private hospitals may be much higher. District TB Department official Dr. Sheela Bhagat said that HIV reduces immunity. This increases the risk of other diseases. The effect of any type of infection is quick on AIDS patients. The risk of diabetes, diarrhea and recurrent fever is also high.

There will be programs for awareness
Deputy Civil Surgeon Dr. Shilabhagat said that awareness programs will be organized at various places in the city on World AIDS Day. HIT kits will be sent to sub centers. A mobile van will be run for awareness and investigation. The virtual meet will be held at the government school in Ballabhgarh. Investigation camps will be set up at many places including CHC Korali, Tigaon.

Take these precautions
Dr. Anurag Agarwal of QRG Health City Hospital said that to avoid corona, wear masks and keep proper distance from people. Wash hands regularly. Take balanced diet. Keep exercising. Take AIDS medicines on time, because taking immunity enhancing medicines on time will not have much effect of corona infection.

Number of patients increasing

Year – Number of examinees – Male – Female – Pregnant – Total

2014 – 20190 – 158 – 62 – 11 – 231

2015 – 24959 – 102 – 53 – 06 – 161

2016 – 41158 – 182 – 82 – 11 – 275

2017 – 47138 – 165 – 81 – 13 – 259

2018 – 67352 – 248 – 95 – 27 – 370

2019 – 65323 – 253 – 94 – 15 – 344

2020 – 44883 – 120 – 56 – 7 – 183

(Figures so far in the year 2020)


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