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Faridabad News: Smartness will decrease due to reduced budget, 4 crores less spent on greenery

To make Faridabad city smart, orders for changes in the policy and budget that were going on now have come from the Chief Minister. Chief Minister Manohar Lal has ordered Faridabad Smart City Limited to reduce the budget of the ongoing development works. After this, the officials have reduced the budget of many development works, but the budget will reduce the smartness in the work, which will make many projects simple. At present, the team of Faridabad Smart City Limited has reduced the budget of 9 development works by Rs 20 crore, in which money has been reduced on horticulture and greener, as well as on the road and storm water drainage, the budget has been cut significantly. .

Development works worth more than 300 crores are going on
In the first phase of Faridabad Smart City Limited, 1267 acres area of ​​the city has been identified which includes the areas of Barkhal Assembly, Faridabad and Tigaon Assembly. The village, slum, sector, railway station, industrial sector etc. have been included in this 1267 acre area. Apart from this, smart work is currently underway on a large scale in the Smart City at Badkhal Lake, Sector 21D, 21B, Fatehpur Chandila, Sant Nagar, Sector 19, Faridabad Railway Station, Sector 20, 20A and Azerondi Village. Currently more than Rs 300 development works are going on inside the city.

Rs 20 crore reduced from works worth 325 crores
According to the information received from the sources of Faridabad Smart City Limited, road construction work is going on in the city at this time. Apart from Sector 21D, this work is being done on NIT number five, railway road. Of this, Rs 35 crore was saved. Apart from these, Rs 4 crore was saved in horticulture, 4 and a half million on landscaping, 14 crore on storm water, 3 crore on electrical work and 1 crore on maintenance of horticulture. Together, he saved Rs 63 crore.


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