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Faridabad: Diwali will be illuminated with clay lamps instead of Chinese lights

Sunil Gaur, Faridabad
The impact of the pandemic and the dispute with China are being seen this time on Diwali. This time there is more demand for diyas instead of Chinese lights. Under Local for Vocal, various items made of clay have created a boom in the markets. Earthen lamps, temples, chaukras, fancy diyas and other items are attracting people in Sarai Khwaja, Old Faridabad, NIT, Ballabgarh, Tiggaon and other markets.

In Old Faridabad, Orange, Geeta and Gopal are selling items made of clay. Which he himself has prepared. Orange and Geeta say that earlier people used to buy cheap items from China, but now the effect of the Prime Minister’s Swadeshi slogan is visible. People are buying a lot of their handmade goods. He said that simple and fancy diyas, temples and chowkada and other items have been prepared from the soil. Ordinary lamps are being sold for 10 rupees a dozen. The better quality lamps are 20 rupees a dozen. Fancy dias are 5 to 10 rupees per piece. Beautiful temples are being sold for 80 to 150 rupees. The traditional work of making diyas slowed due to Chinese goods has now caught pace again.

Steps taken to make self-reliant
Mission Jagriti Self-reliant Center has started training students and women to make lamps while learning from the slogan of Prime Minister’s Local for Vocal. The exhibition of their lamps will be held on Thursday at Trikha Colony center. Center’s convenor Sunita Rani, painting artist Lata Singla, Shubhanigi, Aruna and Bhavna are teaching women and girls the skills of self-reliance. The foundation’s founder, Pravesh Malik, says that women are being given free training.


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