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Faridabad air cleared, some relief

TIP News, Faridabad
After several days, the air quality index has started to decline. On Wednesday, the AQI level in the district was recorded at 329. People have breathed a sigh of relief from this. However, air quality is still in the dangerous category. In such a situation, smog has increased the number of respiratory patients. Because of this, doctors are giving special advice to people to take precautions.

The air quality index was above 400 for the last few days. Because of this, people had trouble breathing and eye irritation. At the same time, the level of pollution started increasing due to the slow movement of air. The wind has gained some momentum for the last 24 hours. The winds had started blowing since Tuesday night and Wednesday was a full day, due to which the air quality index has improved. AQI 448 of Faridabad was recorded on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the AQI has fallen by 119 points to 329. Although it still falls in the poor category, the air remained somewhat clear on Wednesday compared to the previous few days. AQI 223 of Ballabgarh region has been recorded. Regional Officer of Pollution Control Board Dinesh Kumar said that due to the speed of wind, polluted particles are flying. This has led to an improvement in pollution levels.

Smog increases the number of respiratory patients
‘Smog’ is a mixture of air pollution, smoke and dust. Due to this, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide mixture is increasing in respiratory patients. Dr Manav Manchanda, senior respiratory specialist at Asian Hospital, said that smog is a serious problem. These days, cases of corona virus are increasing in the city. In such a situation, the problem is increasing due to smog. The number of respiratory patients has increased by 30 percent in the last few days. The number of new patients coming daily is also increased by 10 to 15 percent. Apart from this, problems like sore throat, scratching, cough, eye irritation and pneumonia are also a result of smog. Smog is causing lung discomfort by causing people to suffer from mother-in-law.

How to avoid the effects of smog

  • Elderly children and pregnant women stay at home as much as possible.
  • Avoid exercising or walking outside.
  • Always use a mask.
  • Asthma patients, heart patients and elderly take medicines from time to time and follow medical advice.


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