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Finally, Facebook will not ban players who use multiple Oculus VR headsets

Facebook initially said it planned to ban all players who owned multiple Oculus headsets linked to a single account on its social network. The American company claimed a violation of its terms of use. 

This directly assumed that gamers adept in virtual reality were no longer allowed, for example, to buy headsets to play at the same time on a single account with their friends or family.

This is quite annoying news for VR fans, knowing that the platform has been merging Oculus accounts since October, which should make it possible to find a more efficient solution.

At this point, Facebook was anticipating the situation that it was possible to link multiple accounts to a single headset — but not the other way around, then. 

This remained a problem for users under 13, who are legally prohibited from creating an account on the social platform, but also for those who do not wish to create a profile. The company was then advising users to only use one headset at a time or go through the account of another person living in the same household.

Facebook looks back on its initial responses

At first, Facebook reacted by indicating that this obligation to create an account would push users to find friends in order to carry out gaming and other experiences. Several users nevertheless reacted by indicating that this would prevent them from playing, including those who used guest accounts.

The company subsequently apologized for providing incorrect information. The Twitter account dedicated to Oculus support indicated that the information about the ban on Facebook accounts was incorrect and that it had wanted to give answers too quickly.

In short, the use of one or more headsets does not ultimately lead to the exclusion of the user, because this is not contrary to the conditions of service of the social platform.

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