Facebook to partner with Spotify to integrate music and podcasts into its applications

Audio is back in fashion. Faced with the success of Clubhouse, most tech companies are multiplying the announcements in recent days. All of them want to create their own audio ecosystem, in case the whole thing becomes essential. The growing success of podcasts also goes in this direction, users increasingly like to listen to content.

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In the wake of numerous audio announcements, Facebook has announced that it intends to ally with Spotify as part of what it calls “Project Boombox”. To control your playlists or podcasts, there will soon be no need to leave Facebook or Instagram for Spotify.

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According to Techcrunch, this partnership between Facebook and Spotify could be deployed within a week. If a page you’re following shares a song or episode, you’ll be able to play it from a player built into the social network, without having to open Spotify.

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Both companies have a lot to gain from this partnership. Facebook is making sure not to make its users leave by opening another app, Spotify is expanding its dominance in the streaming world by preventing Mark Zuckerberg’s company from competing with it, while gaining an exclusive feature over Apple Music or YouTube Music. In some countries, the Boombox project has been in testing for several months.

Source: Techcrunch


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