Facebook introduces its “Hey Facebook” to activate its Oculust Quest and Portal products

After Apple, Google and Amazon, it’s Facebook’s turn to launch its own activation phrase for the voice commands of its connected products. Unsurprisingly, the company has opted for a classic “Hey Facebook” which will be rolled out gradually on Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets, starting with the Quest 2 models.

It will thus be possible to launch voice commands such as ” Hey Facebook, show me who’s online » (“Say / Ok Facebook, show me who’s online”) without needing to select the function in the headset menu or press the control button twice. This is an option that must be activated beforehand in the section of experimental functions and only concerns American or English Canadian users.

Also to discover in video:

For Facebook, voice commands make it easier to use with your hands free. The editor specifies that the optional function can be activated, then deactivated if you no longer wish to use it.
In addition, it is possible to access all past voice commands to optionally delete them, or even to deactivate the storage of voice commands.

The Oculus Quest headset is not the only product concerned since Facebook is also deploying its new activation phrase on Portal connected screens. It will complement the current phrase “Hey Portal” and will also be optional.

Source : The Verge


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