Facebook data breach: how do you know if your mobile number is circulating on the web?

Facebook data leaks follow each other, but are not the same. The latest, discovered at the end of January, is undoubtedly the most serious in the history of the social network. It affects some 500 million users worldwide, whose phone numbers have been made public on the web. In France, nearly 20 million users out of the 40 on the platform are concerned.

Is your mobile number part of this incredible data breach? You can now check it very easily, thanks to the dedicated Have I Been Pwned platform which has just been updated by its founder, Troy Hunt, to allow Facebook users to check if their number is affected. Here’s how.

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1. Go to Have I Been Pwned?

Launch your favorite web browser from your computer or smartphone and go to the Have I Been Pwned online platform, which allows you to check if your data has been leaked on the Web.

Go to Have I Been Pwned? (Free)

2. Enter your mobile number

In the search field displayed on the home page, enter your phone number in international format. For a French number, you must enter +33 followed by your mobile number without the first zero, for example, +33 6 11 22 33 44. Then click on the button pwned?


If your number was found in this data breach, the platform displays an alert on a red background indicating the type of information that may be there.

Depending on the amount of information entered on your Facebook profile, this data leak may contain more or less personal information about you.

Therefore, be particularly vigilant about calls and texts that you may receive in the future from unknown or suspicious numbers. This kind of data leaks are generally used by malicious souls for attempts to swindle ping calls, or false parcels awaiting reception.

To limit the risks, it is strongly recommended to block spam by SMS and unwanted phone calls by using the blocking module built into your smartphone, which you can complete with a filtering application such as Orange Telephone, available on both iOS and Android. .


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