Ex-NFL player suspected of killing five people, including two children

Five people died Wednesday in a gun shooting in South Carolina. According to several Americans, the shooter – who committed suicide – is Phillip Adams, a former NFL player.

One more massacre in the United States … On Wednesday, the town of Rock Hill, South Carolina, was the scene of a tragedy when a man shot five people, including two children, before committing suicide a few hours later. The shooter in question is not an unknown, since it is, according to several American media and the Associated Press, Phillip Adams (32), a former NFL player spent in the 2010s by the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots or the Oakland Raiders, and who hung up in 2015.

The five victims are a 70-year-old doctor, his wife of 69, and two of their grandchildren, aged 9 and 5, as well as a 38-year-old man who worked outside their home, a York County Sheriff’s spokesperson Trent Faris said. A sixth person was hospitalized, suffering from “serious gunshot wounds”, according to Mr. Faris. According to AP, Adams ‘parents lived close to the victims’ home.

“I think American football screwed him up”

This quintuple murder comes at a time when the United States has been facing an explosion of gun violence since last year, and was rocked by two killings in early 2021, in Atlanta (Georgia) and Boulder (Colorado).

US President Joe Biden, who on Thursday unveiled a limited plan to fight guns, blasted the “epidemic” and “international shame” of gun violence in the United States. In an address to the White House to outline his plan, he cited the Rock Hill shooting as an example of such epidemic violence.

Asked by local television station WCNC, Alonzo Adams, the suspect’s father, said: “I think American football screwed him up.” Mr Adams told WCNC his son had recently relocated to his home. A former college athlete, Phillip Adams had seen his professional career marked by injuries, including concussions.


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