European superleague: threats from UEFA, which bangs its fist on the table

UEFA has reacted strongly to threats of implementation of the European Superleague project from twelve clubs. The European confederation took the opportunity to thank the French clubs, including PSG, for not participating.

Enough is enough. Outraged by the threat of secession from some of the top names in European football, through the creation of a European Superleague, UEFA organized the political and media response, supported according to it by the vast majority of the five major European leagues , and of course FIFA, which took a stand in January against this project.

“If that were to happen, we would like to reaffirm that we (UEFA and its supporters) will stand united in our efforts to stop this cynical project, a project based on the personal interest of a few clubs at a time when society has more that never need solidarity “, asserts the UEFA in a press release published this Sunday. The most powerful of the confederations then turned to threats.

UEFA brandishes the threat of exclusion … and thanks PSG

“We will consider all the measures at our disposal, at all levels, both judicial and athletic, to prevent this from happening, she writes. As previously announced by FIFA and the six federations, the clubs concerned will be banned. participation in any other competition at national, European or world level, and their players may be denied the opportunity to represent their national team. “

As a reminder, Paris Saint-Germain, in France, and Bayern Munich, in Germany, have so far refused to take part in this European Superleague with the twelve clubs involved. And for that, these two clubs which have faced each other in the Champions League over the past two years have won the respect and recognition of FIFA in what appears to be an open war between UEFA and ECA.

“We thank the clubs in other countries, in particular the French and German clubs, who refused to embark on this path, says UEFA. We call on all football lovers, supporters and politicians to join us to fight against such a project if it were to be announced. This lingering personal interest of a few has gone on for too long. “


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