Euro: an extended deadline for host cities in difficulty

While Dublin and Bilbao are struggling to ensure that they will be able to receive spectators for the Euro this summer, UEFA has given him a period of one week to meet his conditions.

Cities that are currently unable to guarantee the presence of spectators during the Euro will have a week of additional time to find a solution, the UEFA executive committee announced on Monday. The European body wishes at all costs to have an audience for its matches and would have demanded guarantees from the host cities for the reception of fans.

Among the twelve cities where the competition will take place, it is the cases of Bilbao and Dublin which are still problematic. On April 7, the Irish capital said it could not receive audiences. For its part, the Basque city has imposed almost untenable health conditions as it stands. With this deadline, UEFA therefore leaves an additional margin for the two cities to meet its demands.

After this date, Dublin and Bilbao could be replaced. The new stadiums could all be found, as Manchester and Sevilla stand ready to supplant them if the two host cities fail by April 26. As a reminder, the Euro will be held from June 11 to July 11. The other ten cities have all confirmed that they will be able to receive spectators on these dates.


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