Euro 2021: towards a test with the vaccination passport for spectators in England

Condition set by UEFA for the host cities of Euro 2021, the return of the public is becoming clearer in the stadiums, especially in England. According to information from the Daily Mail, the vaccination passport could be tested there, in order to allow spectators access to the various enclosures.

The public continues to partially reinvest the stands of the stadiums, and the trend is confirmed for the coming weeks. While UEFA has put pressure on the 12 cities that will host the Euro this summer to prepare to welcome fans, the various bodies are working to organize the presence of the public.

According to the indiscretions of the Daily Mail, the British government could induct the vaccine passport to allow supporters to go to the stands. In the plans of the government, this could make it possible to incre ase the number of spectators present. London will host the Euro final at Wembley in particular and has already confirmed a minimum capacity of 25% for group matches, while indicating that it hopes to be able to increase the tonnage.

The British tabloid claims that officials are working on a “Covid certification” system that could see the light of day in late May-early June. This will determine whether a person has received a vaccine, presents the result of an antibody test to legitimize his immunity or the result of a negative test for Covid-19.

The prospect of a Euro test

Studies on the risk of transmission of the coronavirus by aerosol are continuing. Sporting bodies have told Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the hypothesis of reviewing enclosures full of supporters was possible from June 21, with vaccine passports tested and put into effect.

During the Netherlands – Latvia last March, 5,000 spectators were able to take their seats in the stands of the Johan-Cruyff Arena. This was an experiment supported by the Dutch government.

Ajax stadium to be renamed Johan-Cruijff Arena
Ajax stadium to be renamed Johan-Cruijff Arena © AFP

Before showing up at the stadium, the 5,000 spectators had to get tested the same day and record the negative result in a government mobile application similar to TousAntiCovid. This then issued a QR code, authorizing access to the enclosure. The fans were then divided into several bubbles in the stands. Wearing a mask was mandatory in one of them, while another required, among other things, respect for physical distancing. There were also differences in the possibility of being able to order food and drink.

Boris Johnson really wants to see the supporters reinvest the stands of the stadiums. This experimentation at the Euro could nourish hope for the next events to come on British soil, with Wimbledon or the British GP on the Silverstone circuit.


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