“Eruptive droopy” of French theater and cinema, Jean-Pierre Bacri died at the age of 69

In the end, he was right to be the public’s favorite bad sleeper. Grumpy, grumpy, hypochondriac, misanthropic, phobic, exasperated, depressed and atrabilary, Jean-Pierre Bacri, a sort of eruptive Droopy, doubtless knew that life is not always fun. Especially towards the end. His stopped early, Monday, January 18, following cancer. He was 69 years old.

Remains of him the image of a man animated by a vain but beneficent anger, a panting and pathetic character, refined during about sixty films and twenty plays of which he was, in the company of his alter ego Agnès Jaoui, sometimes the author and the actor. With her, he formed more than a duo, a double. No one will ever say like him again: “I have my ass full. Piss off that asshole! “

Born May 24, 1951 in Castiglione (today Bou Ismail, a coastal town in the wilaya of Tipaza), in Algeria, into a Jewish family, Jean-Pierre Bacri supports a youth that he sums up in three words: “Constraint, boredom, waiting”. He remembers his father, a postman who told him: “Sweeper or President of the Republic, it’s the same thing!” “ He will keep the idea that the great and the humble deserve the same respect.

“No reason to smile”

He was 11 years old, in 1962, when the family set off for the metropolis, like thousands of “returnees from Algeria” that independence had forced to flee. She moved to Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes). Gray years despite the Big Blue. “I was not unhappy, but I dreamed of freedom. “

He cherishes the ambition to be a teacher, but enters the local agency of the “Soc-Gen” (Société Générale). He must wear, a tie, a suit. And smile. Torture for him who, when he has nothing to say “And no reason to smile”, made ” the mouth “. “I got fed up, I decided it was inhuman”, will he tell in a confession to World in 2011. He has undoubtedly found his style. He still has to find a job.

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It is in Paris where he “goes up” at 23 years old that he finds him. He entered Cours Simon in 1976 while being a usher at the Olympia to support himself. Family tradition: on weekends, his father was the opener at the Castiglione cinema, Le Star. “All of a sudden, the culture, the texts, the freedom fell on me. Paris is the business of my life. “, he said.

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