England: Mourinho is already back to work

Removed from his duties at Tottenham last week, Jose Mourinho did not remain idle for long. The Portuguese technician will work as a consultant during the Euro for the tabloid The Sun.

After an adventure as frustrating as it was disappointing for Tottenham, Jose Mourinho could have afforded a well-deserved break and cut a little with football to take advantage of his some 23 million euros in compensation. But no, the Portuguese technician has already bounced back and will continue to work in England. The Sun newspaper confirmed on Friday that it had reached an agreement with the former coach of Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs for consultancy work during the Euro football this summer (11 June-11 July).


“We have Mourinho” even ignites the daily in its sports edition by accompanying the whole with musical notes as would supporters celebrating in song the arrival of a star in their team.

Mourinho already targeted by a club

The former boss of the real Madrid will be in charge of a column during the continental competition this summer. “It’s the Special Sun!”, Even launches the journalist in charge of welcoming the “Special One” to the tabloid team. At 58, Jose Mourinho finds a consultant position with a major sports media across the Channel.


Like his time on television on the Sky channel after his departure from Manchester United, the Portuguese did not lag behind after his dismissal at Tottenham. It is now up to him to transform his televised rants into a bitter rant in the Sun. By signing it, the British newspaper signs a nice media stunt. A win-win solution.

By cutting with the fields but not with football, the man with the two coronations in the Champions League continues to exist in the media. For the athlete, Jose Mourinho would already be in Celtic’s shortlist. While potentially waiting to find a bench on the side of Glasgow, it is in the newspapers that the Portuguese will let go of the players.


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