Emma de Caunes, her daughter Nina, in turn becomes an actress: “I’m really afraid of it !”

Actress and soon to be director with the series Nine Chicks, broadcast from February 15, 2021 on Canal +, Emma de Caunes confided in the magazine about her daughter Nina Femina version. Born from her union with singer Sinclair (with whom the actress was married from 2001 to 2005), the 18-year-old girl has already found her way since she wants to become an actress like her mother.

I’m really afraid of it ! It’s a tough job – and I know what I’m talking about, because I started at his age – but she has talent and she likes it. She is also interested in many other things, she will be able to diversify“, confided the daughter of Antoine de Caunes, now 44 years old.

Very protective with her daughter, Emma de Caunes has also made some revelations about the very close relationship she has with Nina. “I am a mother hen who looks after herself!

With Nina we have a relationship without taboos founded on dialogue and trust. Fortunately, she doesn’t do all the stupid things I did at her age: I was badly carried around, and my only way to assert myself was to rebelJamie Hewlett’s wife recalled, adding: “For her, it’s different. Even though I am separated from her father, she has found a form of stability. But he does say that being 18 in 2020 is really not a party.


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