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Electric scooter under the Aprilia brand !! Posted by Piaggio, this is the logo!

Piaggio’s new ESR1 brand is expected to be given to the new Aprilia electric scooter. The technical parts of the Aprilia electric scooter that comes in this category can be obtained from Vespa Electrica.

Piaggio’s Vespa Electrica has been on sale in overseas markets for the past few years. The logo ESR1 is recorded in a stylish format. But nowhere in the trademark filing petition is Piaggio’s name mentioned.

We suggest that Piaggio may have registered this new logo only because the part SR on the logo matches the SR logo offered on the Aprilia SR line scooters. In particular, the brand bears a striking resemblance to the SR-GB replica released last year under the Aprilia brand.

The trademark is filed on behalf of the owner of Jackpack & Partners SBA, the Italian law firm that handles Piaggio’s intellectual property matters. This is a strong indication that the “ESR1” brand is actually Piaggio’s product.

Scooters from the 50cc to 160cc range are currently available in the Aprilia SR lineup. But no electric scooter is in production yet under the Aprilia brand. Piaggio is selling an electric scooter called the Vespa Electrica.

Not only does the Aprilia ESR1 take the majority of parts from the Vespa Electrica, but whoever saw it may even be based entirely on the Vespa Electrica scooter. It has been months since the pictures of this electric Aprilia scooter came out.

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