Election for the presidency of the FFF: From Boli to Papin, the list of Thiriez

The former president of the LFP has put together his list for the election to the presidency of the FFF where Thiriez will face Le Graët and Moulin.

It is before midnight today (postmark as proof) that the candidates for the presidency of the FFF must send their lists to the headquarters of the federation in Paris. Frédéric Thiriez has consulted a lot on the phone in recent days to hope to integrate in his list at least two presidents of regional leagues but without success. And finally, amateur football will be represented thanks to the districts with three presidents including two newly elected history, also, to demonstrate its desire to build with the rising generation in the territories! They are the former referee Nicolas Pottier (Mayenne) and Romain Feret (Seine Maritime). But also, Stephan Islic (District Escaut) and administrative and commercial director of Valenciennes (L2) and Luc Treguer member of the district committee of Finistère and vice-president of the Al Coataudon club. The three women on the list are Isabelle Salaün (doctor of FC Nantes) who will occupy the post of secretary general but also Sebe Coulibaly (Malian international, player at Yzeure D2) and her coach and former international: Ophelie Milleroux.


Sadran’s return

The position of number 2, that of deputy vice-president of the executive committee, would go to Basile Boli. The OM ambassador has been “THE” loyal companion of Frédéric Thiriez’s field trips since the start of this adventure. Jean-Pierre Papin (ex international and coach of Chartres in N2) is part of the list with Olivier Sadran, the former president of the TFC, who will occupy the function of general treasurer. Finally, Pascal Bovis (President of the men’s and women’s club Fleury 91) who is also the spokesperson for the group of amateur women’s football clubs (D1F and D2F). Frédéric Thiriez’s list will now pass to the revealer of the FFF’s electoral monitoring commission for the control of 10 sponsorships and running mates licenses as for all the other lists. Then, place for the electoral campaign itself on the ground and in the media even if it has already started for Frédéric Thiriez for several weeks.

The Thiriez list
The Thiriez list © DR

A day marked by the announcement by Tony Parker that he was not part of his support committee, contrary to what a document indicated. On the other hand, Manu Petit and Luis Fernandez are indeed part of this support committee.


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