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Dussehra celebration: Mercedes-Benz sells record car sales in a single day

Mercedes-Benz India, which is leading the sales of luxury cars, has been pleased with the demand for the best-in-class car sales, with the first-ever Dussehra celebrations delivering the highest car sales. Mercedes-Benz delivered a total of 550 luxury cars for the Arms Worship Festival yesterday, the largest number in the luxury vehicle sales category.

Mercedes-Benz has seen a huge increase in sales in the midst of an economic strain due to the coronavirus, with 175 luxury cars being sold in Delhi and NCR alone.

The Dussehra festival has generated huge revenue from the auto companies, with the remaining car models being sold in major cities in the country.

Various auto companies aiming to sell even more new vehicles during the upcoming Diwali celebration have announced simple lending options along with several offers to attract customers.

Realizing the financial difficulties of buying a car in Corona, auto manufacturers are currently offering long-term loans for repayment of loans to customers who are postponing vehicle purchases.

Similarly, the coronavirus virus’s preference for the use of autonomous vehicles is also a major reason for the new vehicle buying process, as a study by auto industry analysts has found that vehicle buying crashes are on the rise.

Auto industry analysts who shared information about the new vehicle buying process during the lockdown were of the opinion that auto sales would double in the coming days due to the coronavirus.

According to analysts, most auto manufacturers are now selling new vehicles at a higher rate than last year, and there are signs that demand for new vehicles will increase even further by Diwali.

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