Dupraz shares Longoria’s positions on French coaches’ shortcomings

Consultant for RMC, Pascal Dupraz returned to the words of Pablo Longoria, noting that French coaches are struggling to export abroad. If many French technicians have shown their disagreement with the president of OM, Dupraz subscribes to the analysis of the Spaniard.

In an interview this week for El Pais, Pablo Longoria pointed out the shortcomings of French coaches to export themselves, with a general lack of a “game model” that could explain this phenomenon. Even if the president of OM raised other problems to explain the difficulties of French football, the words of the Spanish leader did not pass for many French technicians, who disagree with such statements.

From Raymond Domenech to Bruno Genesio via Stéphane Moulin, many wanted to defend their corporation. Free since his last experience with Caen in Ligue 2 this season where he was fired at the end of March, Pascal Dupraz shares the opinion of the president of OM. “I think Longoria cannot be attacked. What is indisputable is that the French coaches have difficulty in exporting themselves and we must first see that we, French coaches, are cautious to go to abroad. Then we have to talk about our education, noted the former Toulouse coach during the Big mouths of sport this Sunday on RMC. In France, we are late in speaking foreign languages ​​unlike other countries, which limits for some coaches to export. “

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“We are not very united either”

Passed by Real Sociedad where he was vice-champion of Spain in 2003, Raynald Denoueix reacted to him by explaining that the problem was more global. “Simply because a coach is judged on the results, and it is rare that we win European Cups. Why Unai Emery arrives in Paris? Because he has won the Europa League several times, analyzed the one who has was champion of France with Nantes in 2001. After Real Sociedad (2002-2004), I had a lot of contacts, and the presidents never asked me for my idea of ​​a game. It proves that we are not not recruited based on that. The media and economic aspect has gone beyond what is happening on the ground, not just in France. “

An observation that Pascal Dupraz also agrees. “And as Denoueix says, few French coaches have won prestigious competitions so we are not very attractive for abroad. But we are not very united either. When a French coach goes to explore a foreign market, he does not do like the Portuguese, for example, who will praise the merits of their training and campaign for other compatriots, “also pointed out Dupraz, rather in the general opinion of Longoria.


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