Dropped: "If Mbappé is not happy when we say that he is not good, he has to change jobs"

The fatigue expressed by Kylian Mbappé exasperates Jean-Michel Larqué, member of the Dream Team RMC Sport. The former Saint-Etienne player invites the PSG star to accept the criticisms he considers justified.

The exit of Kylian Mbappé, after France’s victory in Bosnia-Herzegovina (0-1), knocked Jean-Michel Larqué off his hinges. The PSG striker said he was “tired” of the French context and the many discussions about his future and his performance.

“Of course that tiresome, especially when you play in a club in your country, that you give everything for your national team too, explained Kylian Mbappé. It’s different for the players who play abroad. They do not come back. here only for the national team, I’m there all the time. (…) Of course that plays a role, but it’s not just that. The most important thing is to feel good where you are. is and have fun every day. ” Incomprehensible comments for Jean-Michel Larqué, who considers the criticisms justified on the current level of play of the striker in the France team.

“I make fun of my last shirt of Kylian Mbappé’s moods at the end of a match, he dropped in Top of The Foot this Thursday on RMC. What interests me is the game. I don’t care if it annoys him to be criticized. It doesn’t annoy him when it is regularly called ‘the phenomenon.’ It’s still a two-ball reasoning. kid. How is a player who plays abroad less criticized in the French team than a player who plays in a French club? “

“Journalists don’t have the right to say that Mbappé is currently very average in the France team?”

“The interview comes after two very average games, and I’m nice because I don’t take into account the match in Kazakhstan where a penalty is missing, continues Larqué. And journalists are not allowed to say that Mbappé is currently very average in the France team? While that’s the truth. “

“He will do what he wants Kylian Mbappé but if Mr Mbappé is not happy when we say that he is not good compared to his level, he must change jobs, he concludes. He does a public job that allows him to live royally from his passion, it’s fabulous. And you don’t support people saying you weren’t good for two games, but where are we going? “


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