Droog Moto introduces new E-Fighter in minimalistic design

Washington-based motorcycle brand Doog Moto has unveiled its latest flagship device, the DM-017 V2 E-Fighter, based on the Zero DS.

Like other motorcycles from the brand, this one looks very aggressive. The motorcycle is finished in jet black except for a few steel bits.

The industrial design of the E-Fighter and the thick and lightweight wheels with all-terrain tires seem to fit the Mad Max or Dark Knight universe.

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Manufacturers combine attractive LED headlamps and tail lamps with a minimalistic design. The vehicle comes with a manic motor that is equivalent to an aggressive style. With the Zero DS ’46PS (34kW) motor with an upgraded battery pack, the bike can reach a top speed of 158 kmph and 105 Nm of instant torque.


Upgrades are not limited to performance and equipment, but also extend to suspension and brake adjustment. The motorcycle comes with Bluetooth connectivity and fast charging.

The Droog Moto specializes in modifying motorcycles, often turning them into unique and unrecognizable machines.

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Currently, the brand has four motorcycles in its portfolio, two of which are electric. Each motorcycle is manufactured to order by the company. Manufacturers allow customers to customize everything from suspension settings to seat height, so each bike is unique.

Its starting price is the US $ 40,000, which translates to Rs 29.50 lakh. This Doomsday motorcycle is definitely not cheap. For reference, the base variant of the Zero DS sells for $ 10,995 or Rs 8.1 lakh. Let’s take a look at how Droog Moto’s latest work is taking over the market.


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