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Donald Trump’s first speech after the results of the presidential election, he said – Kovid will get 19 vaccine by April

Donald Trump made his public speech for the first time after the results of the presidential election in America. After the election results, Donald Trump gave an update about the Corona virus vaccine in his first speech and said that by April next year, the vaccine would be available to the US. Let me tell you that Donald Trump has lost in the recent presidential election and Democrat Joe Biden has won. However, preparations are on to crown newly elected President Joe Biden.

Giving the latest update on the drug company Pfizer’s Corona Vaccine, Donald Trump hoped that by April of 2021 next year, the Covid-19 vaccine would be available to the entire US population. Addressing from the White House’s Rose Garden, Donald Trump said that within a few weeks the vaccine would be given to the first frontline workers, the elderly, and high-risk Americans.

He further said that because of our investment, every citizen of America will get Pfizer’s Corona vaccine free. Let us tell you that this is Donald Trump’s first speech after the US presidential election. Donald Trump has so far refused to give up. However, this is not the first time Donald Trump has announced a date for the vaccine’s arrival. Earlier too, he had spoken about coming to October. At the same time, he once talked about the introduction of the vaccine in December.

Earlier, he gave his last speech on 5 November, accusing him of rigging the ballot (mail-in box), saying, “If you count my legal votes, I will win easily.” If illegal votes are counted then they want to steal these elections from us. I have already won several important states, such as Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio. Despite historical interference in elections on the basis of powerful media, money and technology, we have won by historic votes.

At the same time, America’s newly elected President Joe Biden has also won in Arizona and Georgia Province. The victory was announced on Friday, with the Democrat Party receiving 306 electoral college votes, while Donald Trump, with 232 votes from the Republican Party, won in North Carolina.


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