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Donald Trump officially concedes defeat, GSA declares Biden winner

A US government agency finally recognized Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the winner in the presidential election amid pressure to process change. Donald Trump has also accepted defeat. Following the much awaited decision by General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Emily Murphy, the upcoming Biden team will now have access to federal resources, various federal agencies, and intelligence.

It is the responsibility of the GSA to formalize the process of change after the presidential election. Current President Donald Trump was calling himself an election winner after accusing him of rigging the counting of votes. The US presidential election was held on November 3, with Trump, the Republican nominee and Biden, the Democratic candidate. For more than two weeks, Murphy had been facing criticism from Democratic Party leaders, national security experts and health officials.

Critics said the delay in formalizing the change process was hampering the efforts of the upcoming Biden administration on issues related to Kovid-19 and national security. Murphy finally wrote in a ‘letter of recognition’ to Biden that the Trump administration was ready to begin the formal process of change. The letter is the first step towards the administration’s acceptance of Trump’s defeat. The news comes at a time when Trump, who has not conceded defeat so far, tweeted that he was recommending the GSA and others in his administration to initiate an ‘initial protocol’ for the formal transfer of presidential power. While Trump said he recommended the move, Murphy said he had decided independently based on the law and available facts. Meanwhile, the Biden team has welcomed the start of the transformation process.


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