Donald Trump government approved to sell Indian smartphone in US, know here

The US government has banned Chinese smartphones for security reasons. In such a situation, the Donald Trump administration is going to provide cheap mobile phones in America.

The US government has asked Indian smartphone companies to make cheap smartphones available in the US market.

According to sources, this decision of the US government will directly benefit companies like Micromax and Lava.

Sources also said that US-based Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Cricket Wireless (a subsidiary of T&T) have also started talks with Indian smartphone makers Microsoft and Lava.


Other companies are being negotiated for non-branded handsets. These handsets will be sold by American companies in our country with data subscriptions.

Until a few days ago, Indian companies were not allowed to participate in the tender process; But now the picture has changed completely.

Industrial sources said that this change is like a drop of water, soon it will be converted into ocean waves.


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