Do you have an old Apple TV? Get the new remote control for 65 euros

Good news for owners of a 4th generation (2015) or 5th generation (4K, 2017) Apple TV, the new remote control announced by Apple is not reserved for the 2021 model. As of April 30, it will be possible order a new Siri Remote at a cost of 65 euros, to replace the remote control you are currently using. Apple stops marketing the previous model, no doubt as a result of numerous complaints from users.

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Aluminum and improved navigation

Thicker than the Siri Remote of 2015, the Apple Remote of 2021 ditches glass for aluminum, making it stronger and less easy to lose.

To navigate, in addition to four physical navigation keys, there is now an iPod touch wheel. This whole part can also be used as a trackpad, as on the previous model. Each user will be able to use it according to his own preferences, the touchpad not being very user-friendly.

Finally, Apple introduces two new buttons with its new remote control. A dedicated power button, which turns your TV on and off, as well as a MUTE button, to completely mute the sound. Smaller change, the MENU button is replaced by a return key.

The new Siri Remote always charges using a Lightning cable, supports infrared and Bluetooth, and can control your TV volume. Deliveries will not be made before the second half of May, so we encourage you not to break your glass remote control in the coming days.

Link: Apple Store


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