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Disclosure of Vikas Gupta – I am bisexual, so mother and brother feel ashamed, left me

Vikas Gupta earned a lot of name from ‘Bigg Boss 11’. Vikas Gupta is one of the friends of Sushant Singh Rajput. He is also vocal about this. Recently, Vikas came into the limelight when his brother Siddharth had a birthday party on 3 November. Vikas was not called upon in this party. While many special friends were present in the party with his mother and brother Watan. When Vikas was asked the reason for this, he made shocking revelations. Vikas told that when he first talked about his bisexuality with the family, then his mother and brother Siddharth left him.

Father has also made distance
It has already been revealed that the relationship between Vikas and his brother Siddharth has not been good for the last few years. Vikas has now said that his sexuality has broken many cords of the relationship. Being a bisexual, Vikas’s father distanced him from her. Vikas says that since his family came to know about this, the family has reduced interaction and interaction with him.

‘Shame on family for being with me’
Vikas says, ‘My brother Sid and my mother left my house some time ago. Ever since I said that I am a bisexual, things have gotten worse. My family finds it embarrassing and for this reason they do not want to be around me. Those people don’t even want to see me.

‘I do not want to spoil the atmosphere of celebrations’
Vikas further says, ‘I was supported by sisters in the beginning. But our society is a little difficult. So not calling me to the birthday party is right in a way. I don’t want to spoil the fun of celebrations. ‘ However, when our colleague ‘Etimes’ tried to talk to Siddharth about this, he refused to say anything.

Siddharth said – this is my personal question
Siddharth said on hearing the question, ‘This is my personal matter. What do I do on my birthday, how is this news? This is my personal life and why I am being questioned on this. ‘ However, Siddharth definitely told that all the people who came to the party have been re-tested Kovid-19. All the necessary precautions were also taken in the party.


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