Didier Deschamps, a tough dad with his son Dylan: “I have sometimes gone too far”

Didier Deschamps has the culture of winning! “I was born like this, it’s in the genes“, he explains to Figaro. the coach of the France team passed it on to his only son Dylan, but admits having been hard on him. As a child, the young man could count on his mother to breathe a little …

The need to be vaccinated, the complaints for a return of Karim Benzema to the Blues, his family … Didier Deschamps gave himself up to the Figaro in an interview published Monday, January 17, 2021. He therefore mentions his wife, Claude Deschamps, and their son Dylan (24 years old). The former player converted coach wanted him to inherit his appetite for winning. He also acknowledges having been “a little hard” with him.

I have sometimes gone too far. Much to my wife’s dismay …

I have sometimes been a little too demanding with my son Dylan. I discussed it with him. I’m not going to say that he thanks me, but he considers that it brought him a plus. I was a little harsh, but I’m like that, it was also for her good

, explains Didier Deschamps. On some kids it can be counterproductive, but with him, it isn’t. I have sometimes gone too far. To the chagrin of my wife (smile) who often repeated this sentence to me: ‘leave it a little …’ And no I do not think that it is necessary to ‘leave’.

The sponsor of the Yellow Pieces operation adds: “Ultimately, I could pretend to let him win. Not often (laughs). But now I see him he hates losing at cards or anything else. It forges a character, a state of mind. My son loves sports but is not in this field, it will help him in his work.


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