Details of Aadhaar and marksheet are different, forms of scholarship are not forwarded

Due to the problems in filling pre-matric and post matric scholarship forms, many districts of UP are facing difficulties in forwarding scholarship forms. Actually, there have been cases in many places that there is different information in the marksheet of Aadhaar and High School. In view of such situations, once again instructions have been issued to the districts from Directorate of Social Welfare, Backward Classes Welfare and Minority Welfare to fill the form according to the information of Aadhaar and High School Marksheet so that their Aadhaar Authentication can be done.

For the past two years, Aadhaar authentication has been in operation in scholarship applications. On the other hand, some small errors while filling the form are causing problems in Aadhaar authentication. According to experts, there are problems of changing the surname of married girls in the form, spelling difference of name, etc. Sources claim that in Amroha district alone, more than 20 thousand form Aadhaar data are not being forwarded due to lack of 8 authentication. In the instructions going to the districts from the directorates, it has been clearly said that by checking the forms which are not being forwarded, it should be known that where there are problems. The problems that are coming up should be removed so that scholarship can be given to the people.

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Fraud in front of renewal
Sources in the department say that after Aadhaar authentication is mandatory, fraudulent cases are coming up in renewal cases. In many places it has been found that the same base is being used in many other places. There were cases in some educational institutions, in which first year all the students applied for scholarships and the number of them decreased the next year. The reason was that Aadhaar was not able to get the authentication done. Such schools are being investigated. In some cases the names are different on the same student’s base and marksheet.

‘Students tell problems, they will be solved’

Instructions have been given to all District Social Welfare Officers, Backward Classes Welfare Officers and Minority Welfare Officers that if anyone is facing any problem in Aadhaar authentication, it should be removed immediately. For example, there was a problem in coming to the OTP many times, which is being given the facility to change the phone number on the spot after talking to the UIDAI.

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