Deacon replies to Aulas: "There is nothing above the France team"

Corinne Deacon, before the friendly match of the Blue against England, threw a small spade towards Jean-Michel Aulas. The president of OL deplored the summons of several players from his club, when they were in contact.

At a press conference on the eve of the friendly match of the French women’s team against England in Caen, Corinne Deacon was questioned Thursday about Jean-Michel Aulas. The coach did not appreciate the critical position taken by the president of Olympique Lyonnais, unhappy with the summons of some of his players who were in contact because of an epidemic outbreak in the club.

“What I can tell you quite simply is that we are the France team. There is nothing above the France team”, initially supported Corinne Deacon on Thursday , before slipping a small spade towards the Lyon president.

“A fervent supporter of all the teams in France”

“Today I know, from President Aulas’ position within the executive committee, that he is a fervent supporter of all the teams in France. Like all of us, he wants to see the best players on the field and to see a successful French team. Afterwards, I understand the hazards of each other. But there you are, tomorrow, the France team will play while trying to get victory, “she concluded.

Amandine Henry and Sakina Karchaoui, initially selected when they were already in solitary confinement, were forced to withdraw after a positive test after the announcement of the list. Corinne Deacon is also deprived of three other Lyonnaises: Wendie Renard, Delphine Cascarino and Amel Majri, all contaminated. Eugenie Le Sommer is thus the only representative of OL in the group.

Against England, Friday evening from 9:10 p.m. in Caen, the coach will not be able to count on her defender Estelle Cascarino (muscle pain) either. Les Bleues, led by Marion Torrent, appointed captain, will continue on Tuesday evening (9:00 p.m.) with another friendly. They will receive the United States, in Le Havre.

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