David Douillet separated from Valérie: a difficult breakup, “it’s violent”

Married for 20 years to the same woman, Valérie, mother of his four children, David Douillet left everything for another. We are in 2014 when the former judoka falls under the spell of Vanessa carrara and decides to end her marriage. At the time, she was a city councilor and he a right-wing MP.

At the sight of her, I stopped dead, frozen. I told myself that she corresponded in every way to my feminine idealinin, but I did nothing to seduce her. I knew that I had just met someone exceptional with whom I exchanged a lot, with whom I wanted to live “, had told the former Minister of Sports to Gala. With the birth of this idyll, her marriage was to be buried. “It happened when I had been living with my wife for 20 years. We were extremely accomplices. But in recent years, little by little, gradually but surely, without clashes, without hatred, without reproach, we have moved away from each other“, he lamented.

For her part, Valérie Douillet went “of course that was no longer going in [son] couple.“Despite everything, she thought this difficult phase would pass.”But when we tell you that we no longer love you, it blurs the image we have of ourselves. It’s violent.

We must remain benevolent. You don’t share twenty years of your life with someone by chance. We must not destroy the other“, Stéphanie Douillet recalled to Gala, in June 2016.

This rupture was very difficult for Valérie Douillet, who had to slowly rebuild herself. “For a month I didn’t see anyone. I needed to refocus on myself, to take stock (…) Changing my address allowed me to enter a new life (…) I regained a taste for life by being honest with myself. I was not surprised to learn that they were having a baby. I wish them a lot of luckr “, she had wished to our colleagues.

As a reminder, David Douillet is the father of four grown children: Jérémie (28 years old), Myriam (26 years old), Matteo (24 years old) and Christopher (29 years old). Married to Vanessa Carrara since 2017, they welcomed a girl named Blanche (4 years old).


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