Dasara Bullodu 50 Years: Those widows will survive anyway .. Mancholle mad marajulu: Jagapathi Babu

Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Vanishree Evergreen Classic Movie ‘Dasara Bullodu’ Hero Jagapathi Babu captivated the media on the occasion of completing 50 years. What is the link of Jagapathi Babu to Dasarabullodu movie .. This movie is directed by Jagapathi Babu’s father VB Rajendra Prasad. ‘Dasarabullodu’ celebrated the first golden jubilee of ANN’s career with his debut film as a director.

Jagapathibabu shared the highlights of the film with the fans and conveyed Sankranthi greetings in his own style. ‘Happy Bhogi to all who have a good mind. That is why I said that it is a good mind .. In recent times, the number of widows has increased. Those widows will survive anyway .. because those who have a good mind are insane. They want to be good.

Someone will say that good people .. I should be the only one who is good .. There are people who think that everyone should be destroyed. They count under widows. I should be good .. They are good people who want everyone to be good with me. That’s why I want them to be good. It’s foolish to think they ‘re good even if I’m not. That’s it. I have to tell you what category I fall into. I can confidently say that I am not a widow, ‘said Jagapathibabu, who went on to film Dasarabullodu.

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This movie is really magic. First movie directed by Nanna Gary. His production Jagapathi Banner started in 1958. Jagapathi is my grandfather’s name .. I got lucky. Dasarabullodu is a trend setter in those days. If we remember 50 years, we can understand how much people loved that movie. Nanna is saying those words for Gary’s fans .. Nannagaru means Dasarabullodu. Even though this movie was released, I was six years old .. They said that children came to Dasarabullo after seeing us. Dasarabullodu car also became famous .. I also drove that car.

People still talk about Nageswara Rao’s performance. It is great that the first film directed by my father Gary became such a big hit. No director was found for the film in those days. Nageshwara Rao said do it yourself. Nageswara Rao’s word is that my father dared to direct the movie became a super hit. If ANN Uncle Aaroju had not been like that, my father would not have directed this film, ‘said Dasarabullodu.

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