Danger Alert! Corona death toll rises to 5 million in America, now we have to more careful

America Update: The election bell has rung in America. All the camps are busy preparing at the last moment. In the meantime, alarming information has come to light about the El Corona infection.

The fear is that by February 2021, the number of deaths in Corona in the country may exceed 5 million!

The way things are going, the number of deaths due to the coronavirus in the United States by February 2021 could exceed 500,000.

On the other hand, if the citizens wear masks according to the rules, then 130,000 lives can be saved from the coral grass of Covid-19. This information came up in a recent survey.

According to researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, no such treatment for Covid-19 has yet been discovered and no vaccine has been introduced.

the whole winter poses a serious challenge to public health. Corona infection is going to rise.

“We’re heading into a terrible transition in the winter,” said Chris Murray, one of the lead directors of the research team at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

He also said that the rate at which people are being infected with corona every day cannot be claimed in any way, as it is time for corona to leave.


What has been said in the survey

IHME studies have shown that corona infections and deaths occur in large populations in California, Texas, and Florida.

The demand for hospital beds will increase. In an interview with Reuters, Chris Murray said: “The situation will get worse in late December and January.

The number of deaths will increase every day, the infection will spread to different states.

According to a Reuters report, this is the first time IHME has said that there is a risk of death in Corona after February 1.

According to the website of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, by February 1, 2021, 3 lakh 6 thousand people will die due to corona in the United States.

According to Marr, the only way out of this difficult situation is for America … Every citizen must follow the rules and wear a mask.

At the same time, the rules for maintaining social distance must be re-introduced. Currently, the rules of wearing a mask in America are different in different places.

While New York has strict rules about wearing a mask, several other states have no headaches. The rules have been completely relaxed.


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