Dacia Spring: the cheapest electric car can be rented from Leclerc for 5 euros per day

The Dacia Spring had already struck a blow with its purchase price of 12,403 euros (ecological bonus deducted). From now on, it will also be necessary to reckon with another price: 5 euros / day, that of its rental in the Leclerc stores that will offer it. Indeed, the agreement concluded last November between Renault and the large-scale retailer is now coming into force, Dacia having delivered the first vehicles to the Leclerc center in Orly.

5 euros / day, excluding mileage

Ultimately, more than 3,000 Dacia Springs will be offered to customers of 510 branches in the Leclerc network. However, as for the other vehicles in the catalog, the advertised price does not take into account the mileage.
Indeed, customers of this service will have to add a surplus of 0.20 euro per kilometer traveled. Concretely, if we take into account the average daily journey made by owners of city cars in Europe, around 40 km, the total for 5 rental days amounts to 60 euros, excluding recharging. In return, Leclerc’s rental offer is non-binding and includes insurance and maintenance of the car.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

Finally, on the sidelines of this announcement Leclerc confirmed its willingness to invest in electric charging infrastructure. Service stations in shopping centers are expected to receive some 5,000 charging points in 2022 and 10,000 in 2025.


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