Cycling: "there is too much", Bouhanni’s disgust at the racist insults

Nacer Bouhanni decided to file a complaint against the flood of racist insults received on social networks. In an interview with L’Equipe, the French sprinter denounces harassment.

This time, Nacer Bouhanni will not let anything go. The former French cycling champion has decided to file a complaint against the countless racist insults received on social networks. The sprinter decided to file a complaint and spoke at length on this subject in an interview with L’Equipe.

“There is way too much,” said team sprinter Arkea-Samsic. “I’ve been receiving hundreds of messages for eight days now, it’s turning into harassment.”

Bouhanni was downgraded for a dangerous sprint on March 21 in Cholet-Pays de la Loire. It incurs a sanction from the International Cycling Union (UCI). “I’m still not the only one who sees what’s going on on social media. Why does nobody do anything when these kind of filthy people are constantly sending me ‘pigs’ or’ terrorists’, ‘go back to your dirty Maghrebian country ‘? “asked Bouhanni, who says he is in the grip of insomnia.

“It’s like a scar that is closed. It has reopened gradually over the days, and that’s what hurts,” said the Vosges. “I was born in France, I love my country, I was champion of France at 21, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my career when I was on the podium with La Marseillaise”.

The 2012 French champion cleared the world of cycling: “In the peloton, in any case directly, I have never been a victim of racism, in any case. In the teams where I have been, I have never been a victim of racism. had concern. I say live because afterwards, I’m not there in people’s minds. But out of competition, of course I got some. “

“Proud of my first name, of my origins”

“My parents have always refused to talk to me about racism. To protect me. Since the age of six, my father has been with me in cycling, it is thanks to him that I was able to get there, otherwise I would have stopped, because I had moments of fed up young too “, explained the Lorrainer, who claimed to have” forged a shell. I have been working on this since I started cycling . “

“I am proud of my first name, I am proud of my origins, I am French of North African origin, that’s how it is,” summarized Bouhanni who ran the Tourangelle Wheel on Sunday, where he took second place behind his compatriot Arnaud Démare (Groupama-FDJ), before taking part in the Scheldt GP in Belgium on Wednesday.

“I told my manager (Emmanuel Hubert) that I couldn’t take it anymore, that psychologically I couldn’t go to the Touraine Wheel because I had just quarreled with my father. Because for my father, I have to I go to charcoal, he says it’s going to be fine, all the time positive, even when it’s not going, “he explained. “But when the pot is full, at one point, things go bad. (…) I get in trouble with my father who wants my good, who has always protected me, I have come to this.”


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