Crisis in Bordeaux: very worried, Elie Baup tackles the intentions of King Street

Invited to react, in Top of the Foot on RMC, to the serious crisis facing the Girondins de Bordeaux with the withdrawal of their majority shareholder, Elie Baup does not hide his concern. And tackle the vague intentions of investment funds like King Street.

How far it seems, this title of champion of France from Bordeaux in 1999 … The Girondins are now fighting to stay in Ligue 1 and, even worse, for their economic survival. The club announced on Thursday that its majority shareholder, King Street, had decided to withdraw.

“It smells bad for this club”

“It’s a real disaster !, laments in Top of the Foot on RMC Elie Baup, French champion with the Girondins. It smells bad for this club, which has a real history, which is a stronghold in the football landscape French.” The opportunity to slip a tackle on King Street, and more generally to the vague intentions of investment funds that arrive in football clubs: It is the fashion to sell to investment funds but you never know to whom we sell.”

“When you love the Girondins, it’s a very hard moment to accept, continues the former coach. We talk about still existing, it’s even more serious than expected … the investment fund comes why? Buy and sell players? But the field! The training, the sporting project! If I would be ready to help? Of course. I haven’t been called upon until then. ” Sportingly, the Bordelais point to a very modest 16th place in Ligue 1.


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