Crisis in Bordeaux: "This is garbage", Dugarry gets loose on King Street

Christophe Dugarry reacted this Thursday evening on RMC to the withdrawal of the American investment fund King Street, owner and financial support of the club, which is plunging the Girondins de Bordeaux into a serious crisis. The former Bordelais denounced the attitude of King Street and the president of the club Frédéric Longuépée.

Thunderclap this Thursday evening in Bordeaux, with the announcement of the withdrawal of the club’s majority shareholder, King Street, due to financial difficulties. The club is placed under the protection of the commercial court and the Girondins are in danger.

After Alain Giresse and Elie Baup, Christophe Dugarry also reacted on RMC. And the former Bordelais did not hide his annoyance. “These are rubbish, the guys at the head of the club, we knew it, we said it for months,” he said.

“These people are greedy, they have no qualms about bleeding clubs. They thought the goose that laid the golden eggs was so beautiful with the arrival of Mediapro… and it all fell apart. They fell apart. realized that they would not win money and were even going to lose it. And it is the Girondins who suffer from it. I think that some must look at themselves in a mirror: I am thinking of the mayor Alain Juppé who sold the club to these people, to M6 and De Tavernost who had assured that these people were solid and were going to do what was necessary to keep the club at its level. This was not the case. “

“The people who were in charge did everything to sink the club”

Despite his emotion, Christophe Dugarry sees in this announcement an opportunity for the club to start again on a healthy basis. “Longuépée will release, that’s what we were all waiting for. People will take over the club, I hope the club will find its identity, its soul. The people who were in charge did everything to sink the club. They made decisions which were practically all bad. Everyone has to get out of the way and not come back to football, “he continued.

“Bordeaux is no longer one of the big guys, we have to accept it and get back to work. We have to restructure, start again a bit in the old way. There are clubs with small budgets, such as Angers, Reims, Nîmes, Strasbourg, who have souls. All is not perfect, all is not exceptional every Saturday, but they play with their hearts. We must rediscover the spirit of football, “Dugarry developed.

The political crisis is added to the sports crisis

The only owner at the helm of the club since the end of 2019, King Street had given money over the past summer to get into the nails of the DNCG. Another contribution had been made in January, which made it possible to suppose that the leaders still believed in their commitment. The club’s debt is now around 60 million euros.

The Girondins are also in danger in Ligue 1. Five days from the end of the championship, the Bordelais are in 16th place. Under the threat of a descent in Ligue 2, they play a decisive match against Lorient on Sunday (3 p.m.). To try to unite the troops, they must complete a mini-course, before their match against the Hake. Already very dull, the atmosphere darkened a bit on Thursday evening. The political crisis is now added to the sports crisis.


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