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Covid-19 Live Updates: 31,787 cases of corona in the country, 2502 deaths in 24 hours in US

Coronavirus is under threat all over the world. In India too, its cases are increasing steadily and the number of deaths due to coronavirus in Patri has increased to 1,008, while the number of infected cases has increased to 31,787.

According to the Health Ministry data, a record of 71 people died of corona infection in the last 24 hours while the number of patients increased by 1,813. The ministry said that 7,796 patients have been cured of the infection and one patient had left the country. At the same time, 22,982 people are still being treated for an infection in hospitals.

Coronavirus Live Updates:

– On Thursday, Coronavirus cases have increased to 33050 across the country and 1074 people have died due to this dangerous Covid-19. Corona has 23651 active cases out of a total of 33050 cases, while 8325 people have been discharged from the hospital.

– The Ministry has clarified that the figures given in the list of states may differ from the figures of the Ministry of Health due to the difference in the timing of receiving data from state governments.

– Corona’s condition in America

In the US, the number of deaths due to coronavirus has risen once again after coming down from two thousand. In 24 hours, 2502 people lost their lives due to Kovid-19 infection. With this, the death toll has reached 60,853.

-The destruction of Corona in the whole world

In the whole world, 32 lakh 19 thousand people have been affected by Corona, and 2 lakh 28 thousand people have died. Till now, 1 million people have been defeated by this virus.

-In these countries, the worst destruction due to corona

After America, the most affected is Spain where 2 lakh 36 thousand people have been infected and 24 thousand have died. In Italy 2 lakh 3 thousand people are infected and more than 27 thousand people have lost their lives.

In France 1 lakh 66 thousand people are infected with the virus and 24 thousand people have died. So far, 48 thousand people have recovered.

In Britain too, one lakh 65 thousand people have been infected and 26 thousand people have died hereafter America. Apart from this, 1 lakh 61 thousand people have been infected in Germany so far, but fewer people have died here than in other countries. 6467 people have died here so far.

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