Coupe de France: Maxime Ferry, policeman and last bulwark of Canet

Fans of Canet-en-Roussillon (Nationale 2) host Montpellier on Tuesday evening in the quarter-final of the Coupe de France (9 p.m.). After eliminating Marseille, the Catalans will try to create a second feat, with their goalkeeper Maxime Ferry, municipal police officer in the civilian field, still in goal. Portrait.

Fans of Canet-en-Roussillon await Montpellier on Tuesday evening in the quarter-final of the Coupe de France (9 p.m.). After eliminating Marseille in the round of 16 (2-1), the Catalans of National 2 dream of a new feat thanks in particular to their goalkeeper Maxime Ferry, municipal police officer in civilian life. Goalkeeper and night guard.


For an exceptional event, an exceptional decision. Maxime Ferry has therefore decided to take a few days to prepare for the visit to Montpellier as well as possible. The police uniform will stay in the closet. No more bulletproof vest or Glock 17 on the belt. And the nights of the native of Perpignan will be more calm and restful. Because Maxime Ferry does the 3-8 with the municipal police of Canet, “the job that gives me a living, I do not live from football”.

In service the day after qualifying against OM

The goalkeeper can go on three nights, starting at 9 p.m. and end of duty at 5 a.m. He therefore sometimes patrols at night, where he can find himself confronted with murders, like this summer, fatal accidents on the road, or muscular arrests like last week. For its last service last Thursday, the night was quieter: two nightly noise and road checks at the entrances to the city to check travel certificates. And when he’s not patrolling at night, it’s early in the morning. Like the day after qualifying against Boulogne (1-0).


As the Bai, Pioton, Posteraro and others continued to celebrate the victory, Ferry was scheduled to take his duty at 5 a.m. The mayor, present at the match, had allowed him a slight delay: “I have no respite. My life is divided between work, football and my daughter, Giulia, who is 7 years old. I have very little time. for me. I like it, they don’t force me to do it, but it’s true that it’s difficult. It’s a permanent sequence, an endless organization. It’s not very time-consuming, but when there is the good times like now it pushes me to continue “.

A difficult start to the season

A sequence despite everything not very compatible with the succession of training sessions. He also had a complicated start to the season: “during the first meeting of the season, in Béziers, I did not have a good match. I had done three nights before, with just one day of rest between both. I was tired and mentally exhausted. I lacked lucidity during the meeting and I had not told the club. We talked about it after to find a solution “.


After this match, the athletic bearded man with the fake air of Olivier Giroud dragged a tenacious pubalgia for a few months. He therefore improved the invisible preparation to compensate for the lack of regularity in his sleep rhythm: “as soon as I can, I rest. The older I get, the more I do muscle building, sheathing and stretching. . It allows me to recover. I also do one or two physiotherapy sessions per week “.

Nicknamed “the viking”

Rémi Faugère, the club’s physical trainer for four years, admires Ferry: “I don’t know how he manages to combine the two activities, he has great mental strength to string together nights and training sessions.” A warrior state of mind that he maintains. In the locker room, he is nicknamed “the viking”: “I am very attached to this warrior side, I never back down. When I am tired, I always find mental resources”. And when the sequence is too difficult, he can count on his colleagues from the municipal police: “I share my daily life with Jérémy and Jean-Christophe, colleagues and especially friends. ‘he wanted to pose one day for a family meal, they give me, in quotes, a gift. I am very grateful, I try to tell them, to give them back. I paid for my meal after the two qualifications because , without them, I would have a hard time freeing myself so much “.


Similarity of posts

Trained in Cabestany, where he played until less than 15 years old, Maxime Ferry joined Canet in national U18s. He narrowly missed a test in Nîmes and ended up playing with Canet’s DH from the age of 18. At the same time, he passes the national police examination which he obtains. But, very attached to Canet, he never wanted to leave Catalonia. The 32-year-old Canetois goalkeeper has been juggling his two activities for almost 15 years and sees a resemblance: “goalkeeper or police guard, there are similarities. In my job, there is a lot of observation, I am constantly looking at people, anticipating. In football, it’s the same. When I’m in my goals, I observe I anticipate the balls, the trajectories, the races “.

He is now the oldest of the club, the guarantor of values, with Jérémy Posteraro, author of the memorable free kick against Marseille, and Pascal Vié. Moreover, they are the only ones to work alongside football, with Ludovic Gasparotto who will open a hairdressing salon. Posteraro and Vié are sales representatives in the company of the former presidents. Posteraro, Vié and Ferry took part in the first epic in the Coupe de France, in 2018 against Caen (loss on penalties in the round of 16). It was also during this journey that Ferry, an unconditional fan of OM, created the song “Chanter pour Canet” inspired by “Chanter comme Depé”. Before going through the nights, Ferry going back and forth to Marseille to watch the OM match in the north turn or the south turn at the end.


A regional derby

This OM fada therefore dreamed of playing for PSG after eliminating his club at heart in 16th. He therefore made some supporters cringe on the Hérault side on the evening of the draw “a little bit of disappointment at the time. We wanted to take Paris or Lyon after that remains a Ligue 1”. A statement that the Catalan does not regret: “I do not regret playing Montpellier. I am very happy, but I stand by what I said. When you are an amateur, you want the best. It is not disrespectful to say that we want to play against one of the best teams in Europe with Neymar or Mbappé “.

To face Paris, Montpellier will have to be brought down: “it’s a derby with players who have a mentality that looks like me, players who never give up. As a viking, I want to face other warriors like Delort, Laborde or Savanier. I have a lot of respect and the respect that will be to give them a difficult fight to win “.


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