Coupe de France: it heated between the coaches of Toulouse and Saumur

If Toulouse qualified with difficulty against the amateur club of Saumur on Wednesday (1-2), the tone rose after the meeting between the two technicians Patrice Garande and Julien Sourice, according to La Dépêche du Midi.

The magic of the Cup does not always have all its virtues. A few minutes after Toulouse’s success against Olympique Saumur (N3) this Wednesday in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France, the coaches of the two teams exchanged a few sweet words as the tone rose between the two men.

According to information reported by La Dépêche du Midi, Toulouse technician Patrice Garande had a virulent exchange with his evening counterpart, Julien Sourice.

Saumur would have tried to play on a point of settlement

In question, a technical reserve deposited by Saumur before the kick-off of the meeting. The Maine-et-Loire club have reportedly tried to play on a point of settlement which required the teams playing in the Coupe de France to field a team made up of at least seven players who have played in one of the two previous matches.

Also according to La Dépêche, the Toulouse leaders would have informed Saumur of the non-application of this rule before the meeting, which did not prevent the amateur club from depositing this reservation.

The Toulouse coach was particularly upset against his evening counterpart and wanted to let him know. Patrice Garande also complained about the state of the field, the loan of deflated balls during pre-match training and other organizational concerns.

The coach of the resident of National 3 was invited to react at a press conference and expressed his surprise at the arguments used by Patrice Garande to justify his anger: “What I can tell you is that this story balls, that’s nonsense, and as for the state of the field, just go see N3 matches to see that there is much worse elsewhere. And we are an amateur club, you don’t have five gardeners all the time to take care of the lawn. “


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