Coupe de France: GFA Rumilly Vallières savor its "privilege"

The N2 club qualified for the semi-finals of the Coupe de France after their victory over a diminished Toulouse.

In their hours after, nothing changes: “we are still all shocked! We still do not believe that we will play a semi-final of the Coupe de France. I do not know when we will believe it, but there, this morning , impossible to think that we are in the last square! ” sums up, always calm and calm Fatsah Amghar, the happy trainer of the 2021 petit poucet of this funny Coupe de France at the heart of a funny covid year: “but in the end, for us, it will have had the same duration as the others, notes the sporting boss of GFA Rumilly-Vallières. We started training at the end of June and we will finish the season in May (the semi-final is scheduled for May 11, the final on the 29). November, we will have finally experienced a “real” season. “

“It’s stratospheric,” adds François Baudet, one of the four presidents joined by RMC Sport. Never in my life as a leader, I thought I was going through this. Already to beat Annecy, the neighbor of National – in 16th at the TAB on March 6 last – that was our holy grail. There, I’m not explaining to you: what’s after the grail? ” He can’t find the words. And not only because the “After” stretched out a bit, but not too late: “We had seen with the town hall of Vallières to just in case, meet at the club’s club house, details the manager. worked out a protocol by opening the windows wide, keeping all the masks on and sharing with us, with great care, a cake brought by an officer, also a caterer. It was in the colors of the club, blue. It was nice. “

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When he returns, for RMC Sport, this Wednesday morning on these hours after, the Haut-Savoyard coach finds his words of the day before, from the talk to the press conference or even in the mini-buses which brought back the group at the Vallières stadium, about twenty minutes from Annecy and its sports park where eight years ago, another team from 74 (ETG) had written the history of the event: eliminating PSG on the road to its 2013 final (defeat against Bordeaux). And among his words, there is one: PRIVILEGE! “How big is it all,” he explains. “Everything that is going on around, on the networks, with you journalists. Too bad there aren’t the supporters with us. more than, and this we can measure, we have the privilege of being able to play three more weeks, to have a goal, a goal. Imagine, we “real amateurs”, we can be on a field, playing ball. You can imagine, we are the only ones in France who can do it! “

Residents of National 2, their season ended on October 24 in Marignane with a defeat on the 9th day. There was a late match played on February 27 against the OM reserve (0-0). But for the rest, it was Mrs. Coupe who occupied the spirits, sparingly: no match in January, the opponent (Manival) having withdrawn for the 6th round scheduled for the 31st; 3 in February, 1 in March and 2 in April. And so, at least 1 in May … “Yes, a privilege, that’s what I told my players again last night, he repeats. And I add that we are proud this morning, of as much as we are “real” amateurs. “

So if five players have federal contracts (Ashley Moke, Dan Delaunay, Armel Liongo, Alexi Peuget and Vincent Di Stefano), the others work: Jean Manuel Ribeiro worked from 8:30 am at the heritage consulting firm where he works, Stéphane Viglierchio was from 5:30 am, on the reblochon production line from the fruit farm of its CEO, Luc Chabert; Houssame Boinali, lateral and electrician, was also on his site at dawn, a real estate complex under construction in Annecy with a view of the… Sports park! As for the (almost) double scorer – it is his return to the center which rebounds on a Toulouse for the CSC of 2-0 – Mathieu Guillaud, physiotherapist by his state, he slept in before recovering his children from the grandparents , “nanny” of a historic evening. Or rather a historic 2nd evening, he who lived the epic of SO Chambéry in 2011, then resident of CFA 2 and who beat Monaco, Brest and Sochaux before failing in the quarterfinals against Angers.

Alongside them, there are also ex-pro, happy to quietly pursue their amateur career in this family club. Thus, Dorian Levêque, winner of the Coupe de France with Guingamp in 2014: “he shares his experience, he transmits the emotions of what he lived during this epic, details Fatsah Amghar. And that makes others want.” Ditto for Alexi Peuget, the captain, passed by Reims and in the group of the rise in Ligue 1 in 2012: “it gives calm, serenity but like all, it melts in the collective, because it is my notion Lighthouse and what I like is that it is never the same scorer or almost from one match to another. Proof of a real cohesion. “

“But when I say ‘real amateurs’, it’s because we only train three times a week and in the evening after work,” insists the coach. Without forgetting the important data of this funny and not funny year, suddenly, on this side: the management of the covid and the tests: “we do not count them any more, explains the technician. But what a puzzle: if for the antigenic tests, we can carry them out at the club, for the PCRs, each one passes them on his side and sends us by email the results. It is a take of energy, an aspect of psychological fatigue to be taken into account with the waiting for the final result. And we take this into account by providing rest periods, especially at weekends. “

Consequence: the heroes are resting until Friday evening for a recovery session before a new training schedule by May 11 “that I will develop this evening, reveals Fatsah Amghar. Because there, I do ‘ Still can’t believe it (laughs). Maybe Sunday at the time of the draw that we will follow together after a training session, I think. “

But the leaders are already looking ahead with apprehension: that this damn virus present in the Toulouse ranks has spread in the group during the match. “This is why we were careful in the evening with the players who have fears, explains François Baudet. They went quickly, just the time for a quick sharing. And I insist, all masked.” On the menu for the next meeting of the four presidents of this atypical club, born 4 years ago for children and 3 for adults: “set up the battery of PCR tests, explains François Baudet. We want to be quickly reassured.”

With a hope: “Will the public be able to come for our half, asks Fatsah Amghar. It would be great because there, it is lacking.” And exceed the gauge of 280 people (players, managers, stewards, firefighters and journalists included) authorized for this quarter-final played in Annecy. And since now, it will be a cador of L1 necessarily (Montpellier, Lyon or Monaco, PSG or Angers), Rumilly-Vallières is guaranteed to receive. And hopes that it will be in Annecy, even if the standards of the enclosure which hosted ETG in Ligue 1 for four years from 2011 to 2015 are no longer relevant a priori, the stadium having been “emptied” of facilities – during the liquidation of the club and the auctioning of all the arrangements… – which allowed Evian-Thonon-Gaillard to evolve into the elite. Because living “at home, in Haute Savoie, at home” (dixit Baudet and Amghar) this privilege would have, even without an audience, a sacred taste of the end of a funny season … What’s after the Grail?


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