Coronavirus: Yazici and Verratti again positive, a flaw in the protocol of Ligue 1?

Upon their return from selection, Yusuf Yazici (Losc) and Marco Verratti (PSG) tested positive for the coronavirus. They had, however, already been infected with Covid-19. Which, as Christophe Galtier explains, could call into question the health protocol of the LFP.

Marco Verratti and Yusuf Yazici will they cause an amendment to the health protocol of the Professional Football League? Before LOSC’s 1-0 victory against PSG, on the 31st day of Ligue 1, they tested positive for the coronavirus. With two common features: this screening was carried out on their return from selection and, above all, the two players had already been infected in January.

After a year of pandemic, it had been shown that people affected by the coronavirus were potentially likely to deliver a new positive test several months later. It is rare, and it rather concerns the over 65s. The Italian midfielder and the Turkish striker nevertheless show that footballers are no exception to this medical finding. However, it turns out that this possibility was clearly not provided for by the health protocol of the Professional Football League.

No mandatory tests for those who have already been infected

At a press conference after Lille’s victory at the Parc des Princes, Christophe Galtier explained that the LFP did not require new PCR tests for players with a positive serological test (highlighting the presence of antibodies which prove that the coronavirus has already been contracted). “What will happen in the coming week? We finally realize that people who have already had the Covid may have another Covid,” responded the Lille coach.

If a swab was still found in the nose of Marco Verratti and that of Yusuf Yazici during the week, it is because of the international truce. “All the players who returned from selection were tested. It was an obligation,” explained Christophe Galtier.

New infection or residual traces?

These two cases therefore assume that players may have played this season without knowing they were positive for the coronavirus again. But this also raises another question. Have Marco Verratti and Yusuf Yazici been infected a second time, or is it just a resurgence of their first infection?

For the Turk, who carried out three successive tests on his return from the truce, Christophe Galtier gives some answers: “His first test, according to the information I was given, it was only residual traces of her Covid contracted in January. It was retested yesterday (…) and the result was still very positive “. Asked by RMC Sport, Alexandre Bleibtreu, an infectious disease specialist, advances the same possibility, without however ruling out contamination by one of the new variants circulating on French territory.


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