Coronavirus Vaccine: China Made Corona’s Super Vaccine? No one in 10 lakh people had side effects

China claims to have created a super vaccine of Corona. This vaccine has been given to 1 million people, but has not shown any serious side effects. There have been many examples of 100 percent of people who have not been infected with the corona by getting this vaccine. Therefore, this vaccine is being called a super vaccine.

Although the final phase of testing of this vaccine developed by the Chinese company Sinopharm has not yet been completed, the Chinese government has given permission to apply this experimental vaccine to patients in an emergency. Liu Jingjen, chairman of Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm, said those who were given the vaccine did not see serious adverse effects, with some complaining of only minor discomfort.

The chairman of the multinational company said- We had given the vaccine to 81 people out of 99 employees working in one of our offices located abroad, after outbreak of corona in the office it was found that none of the people who were vaccinated got infected But 10 of the 18 non-vaccinated people were infected.

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Vaccine workers and students and diplomats secured
Chairman Liu said that the emergency vaccine was applied only to workers, students and diplomats who traveled to more than 150 countries during the epidemic. But none of these infections were seen after vaccination. On November 6, 56,000 people got vaccinated before leaving outside China.


Human trials in 10 countries
The Sinopharm Company vaccine is currently undergoing human testing of the third barn. It is being tested in 10 countries on 60 thousand people. These countries include the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Peru and Argentina. The Sinopharm company is developing two Corona vaccines simultaneously. It is therefore unclear which of the two vaccines has been more effective.

Army soldiers claim to be vaccinated
After getting permission to use the experimental vaccine in China, the drug company Can Sino Biologics announced that it has also received special permission to apply experimental vaccine to Chinese army personnel.

Pfizer’s claim made the race faster
Ever since the US company Pfizer announced a 95 percent effective corona vaccine, many countries have claimed to make an effective vaccine. Now China has also joined this race. On Wednesday, Pfizer said that its vaccine is 94.5 percent effective even among the elderly and has no side effects. A day before this, Moderna declared her vaccine to be 94.5 percent effective.



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