Coronavirus Updates: 412 new deaths from Corona recorded in France

Photo Credits: PTI

Paris, 16 February: In the last 24 hours in France, 412 other people have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus epidemic and with this the death toll in the country has risen to 82,226. These have been revealed by the data of health officials. On Monday, the Xinhua news agency said in its report, 4,376 other people have been found positive in the Corona investigation in a day. However, this figure is less in the number of 16,546 cases registered on Sunday. In such a situation, it is clear that there is a huge decrease in the number of new cases.

The total number of cases in France at the moment is 3,469,539, which is at number six in the world. Data from the Ministry of Health showed that by Monday, more than three million people in France had received the Corona vaccine. Some 2,294,208 have received the first dose of the vaccine, while 720,249 people have also taken the second dose. Also read: Coronavirus Updates: 14,185 new cases of corona registered in Russia

In the first phase of its vaccination campaign, France aims to provide corona vaccine to people 70 years and older, with the highest risk of getting seriously ill after exposure to infection. Apart from this, it has also been said to provide vaccines to frontline medical staff and other health and care workers as soon as possible.

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