Coronavirus: Lightened restrictions on outdoor sport

Amateur athletes can now use outdoor sports facilities throughout their department or within a radius of 30 kilometers. It was previously limited to 10 km, as part of government restrictions in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

The government is giving up a little ballast for amateur sport. Outdoor sports facilities in the metropolitan area are now accessible to minors and adults within a radius of 30 kilometers around the home. Before, the limit was set at 10 kilometers. The Ministry of Sports informs RMC that the instructions have been sent to the prefects.

The sports facilities concerned (ERP type PA) are in particular uncovered sports grounds, outdoor swimming pools, arenas or racetracks. In order for them to be used despite the restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic, reinforced health protocols must be respected, while respecting the curfew (from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

The reception of spectators remains prohibited

This regulatory amendment does not remove the obligation to ensure the physical distancing of two meters, nor the fact that collective and contact sports practice is still not authorized for the general public. Also, the reception of spectators in these establishments remains prohibited, and the wearing of the mask must be respected at all times, except if the physical activity does not allow it.

As for the practice in covered and closed establishments, it always remains exclusively reserved for priority audiences. This concerns, among other things, professional athletes, high level or people with a medical prescription.

Since the start of the health crisis, many elected officials have regularly called on the authorities to ask for flexibility in the practice of sport for citizens, both for health issues, but also for the economic survival of amateur sport.

Julien Absalon with Victor Joanin


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